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San Juan Capistrano Hot Tub Removers

Spa Removers offers the best spa removal services. Depending on your access, we can take it out whole or cut it into pieces. When the job is complete, we use fast and trusted disposal and recycling methods to leave you with a site that is ready for your backyard remodel. If you like the sound of quick and complete jacuzzi removal, please contact us today to discuss your next-day spa removal needs. We’ll give you a free and fair estimate that keeps in mind your project’s timeline and budget.

Since 2008 Spa Removers has removed over 7,000 spas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis in San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano!

Reliable Deck Removal Service In Dana Point

Don’t wait until someone a family member or a friend gets hurt. Doing it yourself, while it sounds like the cheaper alternative, can come with the consequences of injury, and certainly takes a lot of time out of your day. Spa Removers is the perfect team to help you tackle this project, give us a call, we won’t let you down!

Spa Removal

On Every Job We Will:

  • Pump out the spa water (either to your sewer system or the street)
  • Disconnect the 220v electrical line attached to your spa
  • Dispose of your spa cover and steps
  • Pressure wash the concrete area where your spa once was
  • Clean up any and all related debris

Professional, Fully-Insured San Clemente Swim Spa Removal Specialists

Once the pool is ready for demolition, we use a combination of hand tools and heavy equipment to complete either a partial or complete pool removal. Our team then hauls all the debris away, taking care to divert any recyclable materials to an approved recycling facility. To complete the job, we fill and level out the spot where the pool was, and on request, we also re-seed the area to create a lush, level lawn. Every member of our San Clemente pool removal team has been hand-selected and background checked for your peace of mind, and we are fully licensed and insured.