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Hot Tub & Spa Removal Services

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Professional & Trusted Above Ground Spa Removal Service In Azusa

Spa Removers offers the most cost-effective ways of having your above ground spa removed. Whether you are a homeowner who is tired of wasting their time and money on an above-ground spa that never gets used or a landlord that is concerned about a potential lawsuit, Spa Removers has the answer. Spa Removers has been demolishing and removing above-ground spas for homeowners and landlords for many years.

Since 2008 Spa Removers has removed over 7,000 spas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis in Azusa!

Reliable Azusa In Ground Spa Removal

Our professional estimators explain the entire process from beginning to end; from pulling the necessary permits, explaining county and city requirements, to the step-by-step procedure of the entire demolition and backfilling process. Our expert team executes the removal and backfill of your in-ground swimming pool seamlessly.

Spa/Deck removal services

On Every Job We Will:

  • Pump out the spa water (either to your sewer system or the street)
  • Disconnect the 220v electrical line attached to your spa
  • Dispose of your spa cover and steps
  • Pressure wash the concrete area where your spa once was
  • Clean up any and all related debris

Expert Deck Removal Service In Azusa

Broken decks that are unstable are not only a hazard, but they could also be a risk to others. If you thought the deck must go, then you are most likely right. Give Spa Removers a call to come out and look at how we can help safely, carefully, and quickly remove your deck or word scrap so you can prepare to create a safe alternative. Find out why we are the best deck removal experts in Azusa.