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Our Expert Swim Spa Removal Professionals Can Remove All Types of Swim Spas!

Are you looking for swim spa removal in California or the surrounding area? The team at Spa Removers can help! We can haul away your unwanted swim spa. Spa Removers has experience removing both recessed and above-ground swim spas. We also remove decks and any type of above-ground pool. Furthermore, we offer free estimates on all of our award-winning junk removal services, including swim spa removal.

Do you have an extra-large spa taking up lots of room in your backyard?

We are experts in Swim Spa removal. In most cases, we cut them up into pieces and haul them from your backyard piece by piece. Most all Swim Spas have separate pump and heating equipment, similar to swimming pool equipment. Spa Removers has all the knowledge and know-how to remove all heating and pump equipment properly and safely by capping off the water, electrical, and gas lines. Gain more room in your backyard and keep the rodents away by getting rid of that old rotting swim spa!

Our Swim Spa Removal Process:

  • Disconnect electrical lines and cap off water and gas lines. All lines are reduced and hidden as much as possible and/or to the customer’s preference.
  • Cut swim spa up into pieces, small enough to allow for a safe and clean exit to our trailer.
  • Clean up all related debris. We usually end up with many bags of debris due to rat damage.
  • Power washes the entire area. There is usually an ugly spa stain and rodent residue.
  • Review all utility work with the customer to ensure they understand exactly what was done.
  • Complete paperwork and remind the customer to make sure the swim spa is taken off of their homeowner’s insurance.

What Types of Filters Swimming Pool ?

There are three types of filters available: D.E. filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. But when used properly, any of the three will do its job of keeping your pool clean and clear.

D.E. Filter Cleanings

D.E. filters can filter particles as small as 3-5 microns. D.E. particles are hollow with high porosity, which makes an excellent filter media, however, what makes it great can also make it a nightmare.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters use a paper-type cartridge as the filter media. The cartridge filters can capture particles as small as 10-20 microns. These filters do not require backwashing, allowing you to save water and help run an energy-efficient pool.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are the most popular type of filter because they are considered to be the easiest to own and maintain. They use specially graded sand as the filter media and capture particles that are 20-40 microns in size.