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Hot Tub & Spa Removal Services

Welcome to Spa Removers!

Best Spa Removal Service in Lake Forest & Surrounding Cities

Our team of dedicated and professional technicians will handle your hot tub removal seriously, ensuring that the job is completed to your satisfaction. We use the most appropriate equipment for your spa removal to ensure the job is done on time, on budget, and with the least disturbance of the surrounding environment. Spa Removers offers exceptional spa removal services in Lake Forest and surrounding areas.

Since 2008 Spa Removers has removed over 7,000 spas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis in Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills!

Mission Viejo Deck Removal Service Near You

We believe in punctuality at Spa Removers, as we treat every demolition and removal with the utmost importance and urgency. Instead of worrying about how you’ll tackle this major project, hire a professional instead! Spa Removers specialize in demolition services such as deck demolition and removal, in Mission Viejo. When you hire us for your deck demolition in Mission Viejo, you can be sure we will confirm your appointment the day of, arrive on time and efficiently dismantle your deck so you can take back control of your yard!

Hot tub & Spa removal services

On Every Job We Will:

  • Pump out the spa water (either to your sewer system or the street)
  • Disconnect the 220v electrical line attached to your spa
  • Dispose of your spa cover and steps
  • Pressure wash the concrete area where your spa once was
  • Clean up any and all related debris

Hire Spa Removers For Gazebo Removal In Laguna Hills

Is it time for your gazebo to be demolished and removed? We know what exactly you need. Your deck may have once served a purpose, but if it’s time to get a new one installed, you need to first consider the existing deck demolition and removal. It’s always a better idea to get rid of an old and decaying structure to free up that space for something more contemporary. Spa Removers provide the best gazebo removal services in Laguna Hills, can help you with the disposal of your old gazebo efficiently and affordably.